The Tsofim Scouts have been having a blast at camp these past few weeks! Throughout the session, they have made new friends, deepened pre-established relationships, explored their Jewish identities, and participated in engaging programs.

Many campers have found excitement by challenging themselves in various activities. The Tsofim unit has excelled at the warrior course, with multiple campers successfully climbing the 8 ft, 10 ft, and 12 ft warped walls. Other campers have tested their strength in yoga, finding zen to start the day off strong. Some are learning to play guitar, while others are exploring learning through science!

Our unit programmers, Sophie and Trevor, have created many amazing evening programs for our campers. From dressing up their staff for Project Runway night to the crazy inventions of Shark Tank to the classic Super Sloppy night, we have had so much fun bonding with the whole unit before going to bed. We close out the day with a unit siyyum, where the unit staff leads the campers in the Shema and Hashkiveinu prayers. Tsofim is such a tight-knit community of campers and staff.

As we near the end of the session, we look back on the memories made, friendships created, and experiences had. We look forward to finishing out the session strong and returning for another amazing summer next year.