IMG_2726The Coleman staff is our number one resource for creating a positive experience for our campers. We carefully select our counselors based on their demonstrated talent and enthusiasm for working with children, sound judgement, and their commitment to Judaism.

Staff Training Week

All of our counselors and specialists arrive at camp at least a week before the campers for training in addition to the skills and knowledge with which they already come to Coleman. The following is a list of topics covered during the Summer 2015

IMG_4762Staff Training:

  • URJ Camp Coleman's Mission and Four Core Values zipline
  • Coleman Traditions and Camp Acclimation
  • Safety and Security Training
  • A Typical Day at Camp- Transition Times and Role Modeling
  • Child and Teen Developmental Stages
  • Core Counseling and Communication Skills
  • Camper Care
  • Preventing, Recognizing, and Stopping Bullying
  • Jewish Teachable Moments
  • Campers with Special Needs
  • Behavior Management- Positive Reinforcement
  • Creating an Inclusive Community
  • Health Center How-tos

Additionally, staff are provided ongoing training and development throughout the summer through lunch and learn opportunities, daily unit staff meetings, and individual feedback from their supervisors.


Camp Coleman has been a pioneer in camp staff training programs. We recognize the value and importance of providing our staff with the tools and guidance to realize their potential and be the best counselors, specialists, and leaders that they can be.

Olim Fellowship
The Olim Fellowship provides first and second year staff with the tools and guidance to realize their potential and be the best counselors that they can be. The Fellowship's motto is "changing the world one bunk at a time," and staff who participate truly learn how to do this through year-round kallot (retreats) where they learn from top-notch influential leaders and share with their counterparts from five other URJ Camps. In their second summer these Fellows also serve as mentors to our Machonikim (counselors-in-training), creating a culture of fantastic camp counseling.

Cornerstone Fellowship
Coleman has participated in the Foundation for Jewish Camp's Cornerstone Fellowship since its inception in 2003. Cornerstone is an elite North American fellowship of third-year staff created to raise the quality of bunk leadership and peer mentorship with the staff cohort at camp. Our Cornerstone Fellows are dedicated leaders of camp who collaborate to make a positive influence on Coleman each summer.