Why Work at Camp?

Why Work at Camp?

Work at URJ Camp Coleman to gain skills, friends, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Personal Development:

Camp Coleman is the perfect place to foster new friendships. Not only will you form a strong bond with each and every one of your campers, but you will also connect deeply with you co-workers.

We know of no greater feeling than joining a work environment that remains a part of you for the rest of your life. At URJ Camp Coleman we have a global network of friendships that is always looking for new members. Our staff return year after year to continue having amazing summers with amazing people who care about them. Our community is like no other, and you have to come see it to believe it.

Professional Development:

Camp Coleman provides an array of opportunities for professional growth. Business executives often note that experience as a camp staff member translates into excellent management and personnel skills.

All people who work at summer camp do so because they enjoy working with children. However camp offers so many valuable experiences and transferable skills that can be used for a wide range of different careers in different industries. The skills learned from working at a camp can be applicable in both the classroom and boardroom.

Why not make your summer into a paid internship? With our new E21 program, you will see the skills you have mastered right before your eyes. From weekly check-ins to specific feedback, you will be able to refine skills that you never thought you were acquiring. 

What will I gain through our E21 Program?

Q: So, I will receive a certification? A: This certification recognizes skills you have practiced and demonstrated this summer while working at Camp.

Q: So, will I certified in? A: You will be certified as demonstrating you are proficient in some or all of these key 21st century skill areas; Communication, Collaboration, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Creativity or Work Ethic

Q: Why will people care about it? A: Employers and colleges are reporting a shortage of these key skills in applicants. They are in demand and being able to write and talk about your abilities will put you at the top of people’s lists! You will have a marketable, in-demand skill set that is verified by someone you’ve already worked for.

Q: How will I earn it? A: You will undergo intensive staff training focused around those skills – then during the course of the summer you will participate using them every day in a variety of situations. You will demonstrate (through your work) that you are competent in using those abilities you are certified in.

Q: How do I talk about it? A: Check out the Camp To Career document with specific CV/resume examples and ideas to help you to communicate your experience and achievements. We encourage you to use it!

Take it One Step Further

Camp Coleman has been a pioneer in camp staff training programs. We recognize the value and importance of providing our staff with the tools and guidance to realize their potential and be the best counselors, specialists, and leaders that they can be. We provide an additional leadership training opportunity that is available to our staff.

Cornerstone Fellowship

Coleman has participated in the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Cornerstone Fellowship since its inception in 2003. Cornerstone is an elite North American fellowship of third-year staff created to raise the quality of bunk leadership and peer mentorship with the staff cohort at camp. Our Cornerstone Fellows are dedicated leaders of camp who collaborate to make a positive influence on Coleman each summer.

get a lifetime of experience this summer

Working with children and peers at camp can change your resume! Develop and strengthen vital 21st-century skills this summer.

For more information about our E21 Program check our their website!