The Coleman community was thrilled to host the first residency of Jacob Spike Kraus’s 15-camp tour this summer.  Spike is a phenomenally talented song-leading and singer-songwriter who came up through the URJ camp system and was the perfect guest for our first week of camp and first Shabbat.

Spike spent time with all of the units during the week, sharing a number of his songs, as well as some time-tested favourites like The Green Grass,  Grows All Around.  Just before his visit to Coleman, Spike released a new recording of his song Mitzvat Haboreh, which was a big hit with campers this summer and can be found on all of the music streaming services.

In particular, campers and staff resonated with Spike’s song Proud To Be, a song he said has come to have a deeper meaning for him given the rise in anti-semitism around the country over the past few years.  We’ll be singing the songs he shared with us all summer, and his most recent full-length album, Cornerstones, is a superbly-produced record, and for anyone who wants to keep listening to his music, a great way to stay connected during the year.