Kesher’s Unit theme is “ how is the world broken and what can we do to fix it?” This week we dove head first into these questions, focusing on issues of social justice and injustice during our first “mashehu” programming time each day. A favorite mashehu activity among the campers was our Kesehr sculpture gallery. Campers were given play-dough and asked to collectively or independently sculpt the issue that was most important to them. Our amazing artist sculpted beautiful trees representing climate change, world peace, and food insecurity. 

Kesher’s evening programs, however, were a little less serious programs including a random talent show, song charades, and building houses with food supplies with requirement guidelines for the creation. Our week ended with an amazing song session on friday night, and then havdalah on saturday night- a perfect ending to a great first week at camp. 

-Zoey Arnold & Sophia Steingold