Hi, and welcome to aquatics!

As an activity area, we are so lucky to be able to see almost every unit every single day, meaning that our lifeguards get to meet every child and form special bonds with not just the children in the bunk/unit, but with kids from all units at camp. Our focus this year is on making swim as fun as possible, giving the campers every opportunity to do what they want to do… within reason!

So far we have had really amazing pool days with the slide and diving board being big hits, as per usual, and some super fun luaus! We’ve added music to every pool session this summer, which has made swim that much more fun!

We’ve been having a blast so far at the lake, especially with our new inflatable additions; a new, bigger trampoline, a new aqua mat, and the recently named ‘whuppah’ (Water Chuppah). The ‘whuppah’ is a pavilion/pagoda which was intended for lounging and hanging out, but has become a huge hit for ‘last man standing’ competitions. 

We have a huge push on the use of boats this summer as we have seen how popular this is, and therefore we are trying to have boats open every single lake day to help enhance the campers experience this summer. The new life jackets have also proved to be a huge hit with the campers, which is always great!

On the aquatics team we are so excited to host more luaus this session, and potentially even a lake luau or two!

It’s been especially fun organising time for Kesher and Chalutzim to swim as it’s no longer on their daily schedule, so they’re even more grateful and appreciative when they do get to swim, and we couldn’t be happier to have them with us at the pool and lake!

We’re looking forwards to the rest of this session and all of the fun it brings… let’s help this summer go out with a SPLASH!!