The Machon Unit has been up to quite a bit over the last three weeks! They have learned so many important life skills that will help them in and out of camp settings. While they have been enjoying special privileges like evenings off, the Machon village, and free time, the opportunity to learn leadership skills and become a role model is the most rewarding part for this group. Being immersed in a staff position with no prior experience is a huge leap of faith, and the 8 week Machon are very fortunate that Camp Coleman provides this transition year to test the waters for all different roles in the camp community.


The Machon unit has been assigned internships at different activities to gain experience as specialists, as well as spending time with units and learning how to be a counselor. With skill of the day, an everyday program that is led by Machons, for Machons, the campers have taught each other skills within their unit that they might not have learned from the regular camp activities, such as how to play ukulele or art history.


The Machons have also been working hard for several days to become lifeguard certified, which ensures that they have the skills to keep campers safe and happy. The Machon unit loves their counselors, and enjoys the life lessons that they learn from each of them. They also miss their unit head, Lauren Davis, who is currently with the Machon 6 week program, and they eagerly await her return! The Machon unit feels very connected and they appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow with this amazing group of young adults. They look forward to spending the rest of the summer making new memories, gaining new skills, and trying new things with Machon 2023!! MACHON 👏MACHON 👏MACHON 👏


Written by Lu Eiseman (Machon Camper)