We are halfway through the session and the fun is just beginning! The unit has been enjoying many of the programs such as mitzvah party, a fun way to learn about philanthropic organizations, or shattered vessels, where they learned the importance of repairing the world through candy. While all the activities and programs are fun at camp, the campers really enjoyed the Kesher trip this past week!

The campers and staff boarded the buses bright and early Monday morning and headed to Ocoee, Tennessee. They arrived at Quest Expeditions got settled and headed straight to the Ocoee River where they all went white water rafting! The campers really enjoyed the thrilling journey through the river, as well as the raft guides they were with. “They really make the rafting fun and exciting”-Hope Freedman. After an eventful day on the river, the unit came back to the camp had a nice dinner and got ready for the evening program. We did a program called lollipop moments. The entire unit sits in the circle and every camper gets a chance to appreciate someone else in the unit for something they did. This consisted of making someone laugh, always being there to listen, and just being a really great friend. Every camper received a lollipop and it was a really nice way for the unit to bond. The night ended with a bonfire, s’mores, and lots of laughs.

After an early breakfast and a short bus ride, day two began at Racoon Mountain where caving took place! Every camper was able to experience the fascinating formations of the cave The campers were able to either crawl through the cave or experience the cave through an exciting walking tour. The campers really enjoyed both activities and really loved how they got to experience something so different. “I really loved how we got to crawl through so much of the cave, and the guides made it feel like a real adventure “-Marcela Mulford.

The unit then headed to Ruby Falls where a chance to rock climb and zip line was in store! The 400ft zip line overlooking Chattanooga was a thrill for a lot of the campers! It was a different way to experience the ropes course outside of camp. After an active, fun-filled day the unit headed to Zaxby’s for a final dinner! Their stomachs were full, and their hearts were happy, and we all headed back to camp. The Kesher trip brought the campers closer not only with nature but with the unit. We have had so much fun already, and it is only going to continue!