Bonim has been having an amazing time this summer! We are super excited to welcome our second group of two-week campers today and to share lots of fun activity with them. Last week, we had a super sloppy night, a fun mess with shaving cream, baby shampoo and water balloons. We also took a trip to six Flags white water and got to slide on some really cool slides and enjoy a day away from camp

Over the weekend, we did a Mashehu program focusing on the campers future selves. We made our own dream houses out of marshmallows and spaghetti and wrote letters to our future Chalutzim selves. We also had an evening program on the IDF, and the campers got to learn through obstacle courses and talk to actually Israel staff who were also are also soldiers about their experience in the Army.

We have also had a lot of amazing services. Two weeks ago Bonim planned their own Tefillah services for the whole camp to attend, They have also had Tefillah Palooza, with play-doh Tefilah, The Beatles Tefilah, and a Moana Tefilah.

We are so excited for the next two weeks and for Mac!

Jonathan Salter.