Bonim second session 2019 has had an amazing session! After welcoming all of our campers, we started the first week by passing the Torah from the oldest unit to us, the youngest unit, embodying the value of l’dor v’dor, from generation to generation.


Bonim has had a schedule filled with sports and cultural activities, such as archery, tennis, ceramics, kickball, video production, and drama. We’ve also had wonderful Jewish programming, including an imaginary “Trip to Israel” and building our own “Noah’s arks” out of play-doh, spaghetti, and paper with animal cracker passengers.


We have loved celebrating Shabbat together as a unit. This is the perfect end to each week. We also got our Chalutzim buddies who have been like older siblings to the Bonim. Their first introduction was at a lakeside luau!

We’re all looking forward to another fantastic week, which will include our trip to white water rafting, Yom Kef, and tree climbing!