Our Taste of Coleman campers are having THE BEST TIME all around camp! We spent Opening Day meeting new friends and going on a photo scavenger hunt. We learned about the places that make camp unique and discussed how we can add our own special magic. During our LaB (Learning and Belonging) periods we’ve built our favorite animals and places that make us happy (cabins, hometowns & camp) out of LEGOs, as well as gone on a Chesed scavenger hunt spreading kindness throughout camp. We got our wiggles out the first night playing a lively game of Ships and Sailors.

Our kiddos were BEYOND excited and had a great time getting back in the pool and showing off their swimming skills at our Pool Party. Bunk 9A spent the day at the Ropes Course testing their bravery and making cinnamon rolls in Jewish Cooking.  Hillside 2 has played lots of Gaga, visited the creek during Nature, and learned some new dance moves. The Taste of Coleman Unit is having a great time experiencing all that camp has to offer! 

Written by Naomi Litwak (Taste of Coleman Unit Head)