Solelim has been busy this past week. We started by doing some cabin mixers to get to know each other. The campers got closer and had a great time. All of the campers have now finished their signups and are each in an activity that they are passionate about. They have started these activities and are having a great time! In Sci-Ventures, for example, the campers are making marble towers that they will share with the group at the end of rotations.

We have also been participating in many amazing evening programs such as Super Sloppy and Grandparent Night. The campers got very into grandparent night and really enjoyed getting into character and doing activities such as bingo.

Finally, last night the kids made wonderful and meaningful art pieces with splatter paint. The pieces turned out great and the unit is bonding really well together! We are so excited for the rest of the session!

Written by Rosie Aronson (Solelim Counselor)