Facilities & Camp Map


 Our 38 camper bunks can sleep an average of 10-12 campers and 2 staff members in every bunk. Boys and girls live in separate areas on opposite sides of Lake Shalom. Full bathrooms are within each bunk. Cabins have a porch with either a view of Lake Shalom or the surrounding woods for campers to enjoy. We have renovated all 38 bunks.

Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall)

Our Chadar Ochel seats 700. The whole Camp Coleman family eats together in this spacious and air-conditioned building. Our full-service kitchen is named in honor of Ms. Nellie Ward, who has loyally served the Camp Coleman community for more than 30 years as our head cook.

Health Center

This state-of-the-art facility is a fully operational clinic. The Health Center has a check-in area, 2 semi-private examining areas, 1 private examining room, 7 private overnight rooms and spacious, private Nursing quarters (adjacent to the Health Center) to help our summer medical team keep our campers healthy.


A main feature of Camp Coleman, Lake Shalom provides a variety of waterfront activities for campers. Our beachfront is home to swimming and fun things like the Blob, aquajump (water trampoline), aquamat, paddle boards, slide, and zipline into the lake! Campers can also grab a canoe or kayak, as well as cast out a line from the fishing dock. The banks of Lake Shalom also provide some of the most amazing and picturesque views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains.


Our swimming pool features lap lanes, a diving well, and a slide where campers can learn a new stroke or simply jump in to cool off on those hot summer days.

Ulam Elisheva

The Elisheva is an open-air facility within view of Lake Shalom that is home to our camp show, concerts and other all-camp or unit programs during the summer.

Misrad (Office)

Our full-service Misrad sits along the bank of Lake Shalom and is our summer administration center.

The Bobby Harris Center for Performing Arts

The Harris Center, named in recognition of Bobby’s 30 transformative years as Camp Director (1992-2021), is our newest facility. Featuring state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology, the building provides an indoor, air-conditioned space where all of camp can gather to participate in Coleman Rocks, drama, dance, circus arts, song sessions, and many other activities. Additionally, the space allows for all of camp to come together for services as a kehillah kedosha (sacred community) when the weather prevents us from using one of our outdoor chapels.

Phase II of The Harris Center will feature 4 additional programmatic spaces which will allow camp to enhance and expand many of our Tarbut activities.

Adventure Facilities

Ropes Course

Our ropes course offers campers a variety of fun and exciting activities in which they can challenge their sense of adventure. The ropes course features several high elements, like the climbing wall and giant swing, as well as low elements that focus on team building and group dynamics.

Overnight Camp Site

Into the woods your child can go! Just a few feet off the main road sits our on-site camp out area where campers can learn a variety of outdoor living skills. 

Campfire Circles

We have several fire circles to enjoy this summer camp tradition. Bring on the s’mores and songs!

Courageous Warrior Course

Our Courageous Warrior Course provides an opportunity for all campers to grow their strength and self-confidence. Participants learn to lashe and show off their skills on the parkour course. Conquering the warp wall is a favorite activity for all!

Athletic Facilities

Athletic Fields

Camp Coleman has two athletic fields to facilitate a variety of sports and programs, like soccer, softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Gaga, and others.

Our Lower Athletic Field is fully lit for nighttime use.

Brody Center

This open-aired gymnasium is home to our basketball program.

Tennis Courts

 The upper athletic area features two regulation tennis courts. Care for a volley, anyone?


Camp Coleman’s covered pavilion is home to roller hockey and also serves as unit programming space.

Ulam Katan

A small pavilion located at the end of the Lower Athletic Field, the Ulam Katan is great for games or as a meeting area for unit programs.


We have two outdoor chapels where our community can hold worship services, each with a unique natural setting.

Hillman Chapel

 The Hillman Chapel overlooks Lake Shalom and is home to Friday night Shabbat services, as well as other types of worship services that take place during the week.

Strauss Chapel

The Strauss Chapel sits in a completely wooded area and offers a beautiful backdrop for Saturday morning Shabbat services and other types of worship services that take place during the week.

Programming Sites

Max Minsky Creative Arts Center

Home to our arts program, the lodge-like Minsky Arts Center houses a variety of fine and performing arts activities, such as candle making, jewelry making, ceramics, Jewish cooking, dance, drama, music, video production, journalism, and model airplanes.

The Minsky also features the Mirpeset, a wooded porch great for programs with a stunning view of Lake Shalom.

Sukkah Alef, Bet, Gimel & Dalet

These four pavilions sit around Lake Shalom and are used for a variety of daily activities, including Martial Arts, Teva (nature), Fitness, and Israeli Scouting. They also serve as perfect programming space for smaller units or groups.

Sands Plaza

Situated between the Chadar Ochel and Mirpa’ah, Sands Plaza is a great place to sit and relax. The plaza features a flower garden, benches and pond. It also offers some amazing views of the Lower Athletic Field and surrounding mountains. It’s a great spot to celebrate havdallah (the end of Shabbat) while watching the sun set.

Additional Housing Facilities

The Village

Participants in our Machon and Machon Adventure programs live in the Village- their own area on camp that features 4 cabins for housing, 2 staff huts, a wash house and a yurt to serve as program space and lounge.

The Dorothy and Alvin Hamburger Lodge and Alumni Lounge

The Hamburger Lodge houses visiting Faculty and adult staff members. It has an alumni lounge with kitchenette, wireless internet, and other amenities.

Staff Dormitory

One of several living locations, the staff dorm provides housing for up to 20 staff members. Each room has its own bathroom. Additionally, staff laundry facilities are located here.