We now have an oatmeal bar at breakfast and a new-and-improved salad bar with lots of options at lunch and dinner. We’ve also expanded our vegetarian options and created more variety in our menu. And of course our campers get the option of peanut butter and jelly at every meal and snacks in the afternoon and evening. Foods change from year to year, and everything listed below may not be offered every summer. 

Check out a sampling of a week of food here at Camp Coleman (WARNING: Reading this menu might cause you to become really, really hungry!!):

Every day there is oatmeal, cold cereal, milk, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, and fruit. Additionally, here is a sample of a week of breakfasts:

  • Sunday – Make your own parfait
  • Monday – Pancakes
  • Tuesday – Waffles
  • Wednesday – Omelettes and hash-browns
  • Thursday – French toast dippers
  • Friday – Egg sandwiches on english muffins
  • Saturday – Bagels and cream cheese

There is always a salad bar as well as a soup bar with different soups everyday. Here is a sample of a week of lunches:

  • Sunday – Pizza
  • Monday – Baked potato bar, steamed broccoli, veggie chili
  • Tuesday – Whole grain spaghetti and meatballs (Veg: Plain red sauce)
  • Wednesday – Grilled cheese and chips
  • Thursday – Grilled chicken wings, tater tots, carrots/celery sticks (Veg: veggie wings)
  • Friday – Cheese ravioli, cucumber and tomato salad
  • Saturday – Deli sandwiches, pasta salad (Veg: portabella mushroom sandwiches)

Once again there is a salad bar. Here is a sample of a week of dinners and desserts:

  • Sunday – Chicken patties, whole wheat buns, fixings, sweet potato fries, Nellie’s famous cookies (Veg: veggie patties)
  • Monday – Steak fajitas, onions, green peppers, black beans, salsa, guacamole, rice, Rice Krispie Treats (Veg: personal portion of beans)
  • Tuesday – Teriyaki chicken, white rice, steamed veggies, oatmeal raisin cookies (Veg: teriyaki tofu)
  • Wednesday – Baked fish, Mac n Cheese, broccoli, Jello with whipped cream
  • Thursday – Falafel, pita, humus, babaganush, Israeli salad, pudding with whipped cream
  • Friday – Fried chicken, roasted potatoes, mixed veggies, challah, Nellie’s famous apple-brown-betty (Veg: pasta with mushrooms)
  • Saturday – BBQ burgers and hot dogs, corn on the cob, baked beans, brownies (Veg: veggie burgers)